The eLoaD platform endows centrifugal microfluidics with on-disc power and communication

Saraí M. Torres Delgado, Jan G. Korvink, Dario Mager,*

In this paper we present a comprehensive description of the design, fabrication and operation of an electrified Lab-on-a-Disc (eLoaD) system. The smart platform is developed to extend conventional Lab-on-a-Disc applications with an electronic interface, providing additional flow control and sensing capabilities to centrifugal microfluidics platforms. Wireless power is transferred from a Qi-compliant transmitter to the eLoaD platform during rotation. An Arduino-based microcontroller, a Bluetooth communication module, and an on-board SD-card are integrated into the platform. This generalises the applicability of the eLoaD and its modules for performing a wide range of laboratory unit operations, procedures, or diagnostic assays, all controlled wirelessly during spinning. The lightweight platform is fully reusable and modular in design and construction. An interchangeable and non-disposable application disc is fitted with the necessary sensors and/or actuators for a specific assay or experiment to be performed. A particular advantage is the ability to continuously monitor and interact with LoaD experiments, overcoming the limitations of stroboscopy. We demonstrate the applicability of the platform for three sensing experiments involving optical, electrochemical, and temperature detection, and one actuation experiment involving controlled heating/cooling. The complete electronic designs and example programming codes are extensively documented in the supplementary material for easy adaptation.


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