ArduiTaM: accurate and inexpensive NMR auto tune and match system

Mazin Jouda, Sarai M. Torres Delgado, Mehrdad Alinaghian Jouzadani, Dario Mager and Jan G. Korvink

Magnetic Resonance, 2020

We introduce a low-complexity, low-cost, yet sufficiently accurate automatic tune and match system for NMR and MRI applications. The ArduiTaM builds upon an Arduino Uno embedded system that drives a commercial frequency synthesiser chip to perform a frequency sweep around the Larmor frequency. The generated low-power signal is fed to the NMR coil, after which the reflected waves are detected using a directional coupler and amplified. The signal shape is then extracted by means of an envelope detector and passed on to the Arduino, which performs a dip search while continuously generating actuator control patterns to adjust the tune and match capacitors. The process stops once the signal dip reaches the Larmor frequency. The ArduiTaM works readily with any spectrometer frequency in the range from 1 to 23 T. The speed of the ArduiTaM is mainly limited by the clock of the Arduino and the capacitor actuation mechanism. The Arduino can easily be replaced by a higher-speed microcontroller, and varactors can replace stepper-motor controlled variable capacitors. The ArduiTaM is made available in open source, and so is easily duplicated.

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