TISuMR: FETOPEN Project Selected for Funding

TISuMR is a collaboration project between three leading research groups at the University of Southampton, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and the University of Groningen.

TISuMRĀ takes a novel approach towards a systemic understanding of liver function and disease based on integrated tissue slice culture and nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomics.

The project has been selected for funding in the 2016/2017 round of the Horizon 2020 research programme of the European Commission, as part of the highly prestigious “Future and Emerging Technologies” (FETOPEN) call. The detailed work programme is currently being negotiated between the partner institutions and the EU commission; research work is expected to start in January 2017.

TISuMR combines ground-breaking technology in NMR detection of small systems with cutting-edge microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices in order to culture live slices of liver tissue, while continuously monitoring biological and biochemical processes in the tissue with unprecedented detail.

This revolutionary approach will provide novel insights into the functioning of the liver, Ā and the interplay between itsĀ various cell types. It will allow us to study the progression of liver damage due to disease, as well asĀ the effect of drugs on the tissue.

Ultimately, TISuMR will provide a novel platform to study tissues as biological systems, while providing unprecedented insight into their inner workings. Life science research will benefit from this on a broad range of fronts, including the development and testing of new drugs, as well as the study of cancer and other important diseases.

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