Research Fellow moves to Assistant Professorship position from TISuMR

Dr. Gert Salentijn (30) obtained his PhD degree in analytical chemistry with distinction at the University of Groningen. His work focused on the development of functionalized 3D-printed cartridges for ambient ionization MS (including paper spray) and paper microfluidics. Furthermore, he co-founded a spin-off company based on a patent application that resulted from his PhD work. Gert then worked in the TisuMR project as postdoc and developed lab-on-a-chip solutions for liquid-gas equilibration and real-time microscopy of liver tissue. Recently, he was appointed as assistant professor at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He is especially interested in the use of surface chemistry to increase the functionality and selectivity of paper-based or membrane-based devices for analytical chemistry, as well as their combination with ambient MS.

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